Building a Photography Portfolio Tips in 2022

Living as a professional photographer is not an easy path. When you’re beginning your profession, it’s not an easy task to get the attention needed to create a base clientele.

After taking the time to do the investigation, it has been proven that the best way to attract people to hire you is to build a photography portfolio. 

You will need a captivating portfolio that will attract the proper attention and have people notice you.

If you are researching to build your portfolio, you stumbled on the right path. 

Here are some tips I have gathered over the years to help you create the photography portfolio you need to kickstart your career. 

Let Your Goals Shape Your Portfolio

When building your photography portfolio, ask yourself some questions about what you want for your career as a photographer.

Think of a reason why you’re building a portfolio. Is there anything in particular that you would like to achieve? And what do you want to accomplish in the end? 

Are you planning on creating a broad portfolio to display your work? Or just a portfolio to apply for a niche you want to be prolific in?

After you set up your goals, you will have a clear direction for your portfolio. After that, pay attention to your style and the content.

Remember! Before doing anything, sit down with a pen and paper and write your objectives. That will give you the clarity needed to create the perfect photography portfolio that will cover all your needs.

Make your portfolio fit your audience

Your portfolio has to be according to who will see it, your audience.

Think about your audience and why they are looking for you.

For example, if you are pondering the possibility of working as a fashion photographer, pay attention to those details to aim your photographic portfolio in that direction.

Put yourself out there and show your abilities! Adding food photography to that portfolio will not be productive, as your potential clients are looking for something else.

If you enjoy photography in general and want to create a broad portfolio, keep that in mind. You will have to create a different portfolio for each type of photography you do. Five types of photography will need five photography portfolios that you will use depending on the case.

However, you can use the same photos for different portfolios! Or from the same set, how many photoshoots could apply from fashion to lifestyle to maybe even food photography or real estate? 

Don't forget the goals that you set while creating your photographic portfolio, where do you want to go? 

Cherry-pick the best for your photography portfolio

Think about what your photographic portfolio will look like.

You don't need hundreds of pictures to create a photography portfolio, just the best ones, about 5 to 10 for each category to display exactly what your potential is. 

Don't forget about your goals, and keep a clear vision of where you are going, this photography portfolio is of great importance to reach that place in your career.

Think of the sections your photography portfolio will have, best images, links, blog, and artistic touch, and select the color pallet you will use, but remember that it's your creation and it's open to being changed as you wish! Don't try to be a perfectionist, it will come in time. 

It's always better to have a photography portfolio done than none! Take your time but make sure you don't overthink about it, just do it.

Be sharp on your photography portfolio

The best photography portfolio has to be as clear as possible, the goal has to be transparent all around. When your clients check your portfolio they have to see what you are trying to show them.

Start by selecting your images in bulk, think of 100 pictures to start that fit the direction you want to take while building your photographic portfolio in 2022.

Once you have the pictures selected, start shrinking them down. Review it again, and choose only the photographs that are above an 8 out of 10 in your eyes, with your vision of your perfect photography portfolio in mind. 

Do this process several times after repeating this process five or six times you will get the hang of it and will become more effortless to select the finest images you want to exhibit in your photography portfolio.

At first, as you will have to make some tough alternatives, keep in mind that this is for your potential client. It has to be enjoyable, in the end, you are the creator of your portfolio.

Add variety. People will get frustrated easily by the same style and same colors all the time. Keep it as engaging as you can, while holding in mind the strategy you created. Every image counts and needs to be special.

Find professionals in the field to ask for advice

There is never enough feedback that you can get. You can start by explaining your situation to anyone that may have a freelancer mindset and a bit of style. They will be able to help you start off creating your photography portfolio.

Think of reaching out to people on social media, Facebook groups, and the like.

Try to find honest reviews they don't have to be mean about it but you need to know where you stand in your photography to know what direction to grow. If people think it doesn't add value, it's too messy or it's not clear think of reviewing your portfolio until you get it as good as you can. 

Try to get professionals to give you feedback on your portfolio, after some trials you will be on the right path.

Don't forget that sometimes less is more.

Photographers with more experience will be able to help you with this, try to find people who have walked this path before.

If you don't find a photographer, try to get creatives to see your work, but not only creatives as you also need to pay attention to the business side so you need to find that balance. These are some of the tips for you to create your photography portfolio.