Video Portfolio

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Reel 1 for Ink Point Studio

This is where we get inked! My latest project is working with these artists to create amazing reels for their social media. I am very exited to work alongside them.

Wedding 2 - Jana and Julian

Beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple. The video shows it all. I am very happy to have been there for them!

Wedding 1 - Alexandra and Omer

Amazing day! The happiness was in the air. Not long after, a baby was born! :)

Emotional intelligence -

This video is the intro for a larger online course that I worked on.

In this case I had to control the lighting using a reflector on the side of the couch to cover any light that came from a source I didn't want. I also used two different sources of light that I set up on each of her sides, that way creating the lighting that I was looking for.

The scenario, shooting angle, lighting, and the outfit she was wearing were chosen by me to create this image.

After that, the editing process took place, color grading, cuts on the scenes, transitions. Mastering the sound as well to cover all the background noises.

New Years Party -

Amazing party that I shoot for new years, the theme was great and created a wonderful and mysterious vibe once the sun was out and the party started.