I met Myra on the road. Chased her smile.

Traveled together, and not so much.

Our stories merged for some time. We are in different paths.

Although she'll always be close to my heart.


Drew is a layback entrepreneur that decided to start a nomadic lifestyle.

For this photoshoot I realized that he has done shootings before, I took this opportunity to get high quality shots with an artistic touch, using different locations and background to make him pop out more from the pictures emphasizing his personality.

I am happy that I managed to get a Rembrandt Lighting with natural light for some of the shots giving the artistic touch I mentioned before.


Tal is an Israeli entrepreneur, musician and nomad. After having close contact with death when he was a child, he realized that life is what we make of it.

In these shooting I portraited him the way I understood his essence, giving him an ethereal look in some of the pictures to reference his contact with death, but also showing him in other aspects such as doing hand stands and playing with different instruments too, as he is still very much alive.


Nicolas is a businessman with an IT background and an a good eye for style. Here we were aiming for an adventure style shooting while still maintaining his fun demeanor.

In these shooting we were aiming to get different style, that's why I chose to shoot with the graffities getting a more relaxed and urban look, and also adding a bit of an attitude to make it more fun.


Paula is a wellness coach that left the corporate world in pursue of happiness. To live freely doing what she likes the most, exploring the depth of herself and helping others navigate through their traumas and feelings.

The idea behind these shots was to show how subtle emotions can be, happiness, shyness, a bit nervous at times. It was a very intense and lovely photoshoot.