Hello, my name is Daniel.

I am the founder of DOFROAD Productions, currently based in Koh Phangan, Thailand.


For the last seven years, I have been developing my photographic skills taking them to new levels, and expanding my vision where I would like them to be.

Merging it with my personal life, my goal is to create emotional and compelling images in every shooting I do.

My ideal client is someone who values hard work and honesty, knowing that when there is trust, the result will be better for everyone.

Taking into account that most people are not used to being photographed, or recorded, and they may be self-conscious about it, I put particular emphasis on making my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera, so they can express themselves freely, working together with the people I work with, to create a safe space for everyone to be authentic.

During the initial meeting I like getting to know the people I will work with, I get to know a bit about their lives and their ideas and goals. Maintaining a good relationship makes the photoshoot easier for everyone as well.

I love my clients and I want the best for them.

Hi, I'm Andrew

From Ukraine, with an IT background, I got tired of the 9 to 6 office life and did a complete shift to my life, now working as a full-time model based in Koh Phangan doing everything I can to make my dreams come true.

This is Chris

Chris is a 28 years old model from Austria, started his artistic career after working on himself for several years. He has a great attitude and personality that makes him perfect to work with.

Almost 2 meters tall, his body type is great for artistic photoshoots and for specialized brands.


A Brazilian artist that is the moral compass of the team, she inspires us when in need of ideas for our projects.

Very selective regarding what she wants to be involved with, she only works when the project at hand resonates with her values.